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We live in a world where people believe in both facts, wrongs and myths. But as for today, I want to share about HAIR MYTHS I believe a lot of people actually believe in. Let’s cut it short into 4 wrong myths: Cutting your hair…

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There IS this moment. There WAS this moment. There WILL be this moment. A moment where my heart beats loudly, in a very fast paced rhythm. And as for today, as rare as it seems, I will talk about feelings, love and my attraction towards…

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Another week, another day, I was actually thrilled when I opened my email a couple of weeks ago, an email stating that I was again offered to be one of the bloggers to attend FOREVER21 new outlet grand launching ! It was beyond words, since…

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For me, my skin is another crown besides my hair, as you might know, scientifically when people look at someone else, the first thing they would look for is their eyes, because our brain is set to seek eye contacts, and the eyes are located…

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You Go-Glam!

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So after the crazy hype about GO-JEK, and the other services like GO-FOOD, GO-GLAM, GO-CLEAN, GO-BOX etc, I finally got myself to try GO-GLAM service where you can get perked up at home, there are some services available which you can find at the very…

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