as we know it

The world as we know it

filled with leisure and hard work
filled with joy and sadness
filled with satisfaction and disappointment
filled with love and hatred
filled with smile and cry
nothing is perfect, nothing is flawless, but through the cracks, the holes, the imperfection we learn. how to be a better person. me right now is on the finding and learning phase, which is not an effortless gesture. i fell to mistakes, i stumble upon struggles, obstacles those i thought i could never pass. but then again, i am hereby standing tall, denying myself, fooling myself. 
through my smile i cry
through my harsh words i survive
i am someone that has been through a lot.
the one with many wounds and scars.
my mind is shattered to pieces so many times.
my heart was stabbed til i wanted to just stop living.
I feel like wearing Shades to cover my eyes from seeing the world.
I feel like wearing Boots so i feel safe stepping on mud.
I feel like wearing Mini bag so people won’t be able to guess what i was holding.
but thank God and all the people who keep on staying by my side, so i can have something to lean on. like a strong tree they protect me. thank you.

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