Baligasm Pt.2

So hello lovely people, loving souls! This post is another foodgasm and eyegasm, I warn you not to open this post unless you are full, otherwise you’ll be drooling all over the food! Book your restaurants through for amazing dining experiences and surprises!

1. Dolce Arancia
Jalan Goutama No 17, Ubud
Opening hours : 10AM-10PM
More about the restaurant : click here

Simply one word for this amazing hidden restaurant in Ubud, they have no clear signage, located inside an alley, small but cozy, you feel like you are home, Dolce Arancia has an open kitchen with amazingly good Italian Food. By far, I can actually say it’s one of the best italian restaurants I’ve visited in Indonesia, yes, not just Bali but Indonesia. 
They have Aperitivo day every Saturday in which you can have all you can eat Tapas with your favorite drink on your hands, so why not?
Look at them entrees
2. Scratch
Jalan Pengubengan Kauh, Kerobokan
Opening Hours: 12PM – 10PM
More about the restaurant : click here
I am not gonna lie to you, this place should be in the spotlight for it’s amazing food! The chef / owner is canadian, former English Teacher for 12 years in Korean and has a passion in culinary. He moved to Bali and got this restaurant opened! The food itself is amazing! He changes his menu regularly, and trust me, the combination of western and asian food that he created is top notch!
The ambience is very homey, and of course clean! I literally can’t find a word to say, it’s just too good!

3. Il Lido
Jalan Kerobokan Raya no. 38
Opening Hours : 11.30AM – 2.30PM ,  6PM – 11PM
More about the restaurant : click here
And this is another new Italian joint in Bali, well to be honest, this is a chain from Singapore! So hello ilLido, welcome to Indonesia. If you ride along Kerobokan Raya, I’m pretty sure you know Warisan, the furniture shop and Indonesian restaurant. Yes, you are guessing right, ilLido is located inside Warisan. Having their really decent food, I can’t take my mouth away from the plate. Mouth watering, amazingly cooked Italian food calms me down and made my day! Try their Tiramisu, it’s so GOOD!

4. Bale Udang
Jalan Raya Goa Gajah Ubud
Opening Hours : 11AM – 10PM
More about the restaurant : click here
Woo hoo! Not but not least, Bale Udang in Ubud!  It is seriously comforting food for me when I crave for good Indonesian food, saung style in Bali. As you can see the restaurant is pretty huge with cute bamboo huts and pond filled with fish! You can actually ask the waiters to feed the fish and you’ll be surprised by how much fish they actually have. 
Their really famous or signature food would be the Prawn! Nom nom nom! I would really recommend you to come in groups so you can actually try all the good food! The more the merrier!
The amazing lunch set is available too!

So guys, are you hungry? 😉
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