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And so on 6th of June 2015 I got the chance to actually attend this amazing event sponsored by Clean&Clear in conjunction with GoGirl! magazine, CERITA KITA casting call! So basically, there were 50 young girls with big dreams gathered together to attend the festive moment! 
Well, a little sweet fairytale for you, as you know that we were born as a baby, then we grow into being a toddlers, kids, teens, young adults, adults, parents, grandparents and so on and so on, but then again, Teenagers phase for me is considered very important, because that’s the time when we are actually start looking into the future, looking for our identity, what we want and what we wish for. 
Then again, I can understand that not all people are born extroverts, some of them are just not confident enough to express themselves, to show their dazzling colours within, then we must do something about it, because we have to be confident and proud of what we are! 
 So, Cerita Kita is here as a platform for everyone to express their passion and dreams! Not to mention, Cerita Kita helps to make their dream comes closer and comes true! Out of the hundreds of contestants, the top 50 contributors were picked to be part of the event.
Then the 50 contestants were divided into 5 big groups consisting of 10 people, and each group is categorised according to their interest and their story!
The event itself consisted of 5 different workshops, coached by professional hands! So one group per one workshop!
And the classes are:
Fashion Styling Class – Media Friesna
Writing Tips Class – Anita Moran
Photography Class – Heret Frasthio
Beauty Class – Agnes Oryza
Graphic Design Class – Dinda Puspitasari
I can actually relate to the classes, as I am myself a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger, especially when it comes to Fashion Styling, Writing tips and Photography! Basically, this is one amazing experience, and you can tell that by looking at the participants expressions! 
And what intrigues me the most, is how these amazing young souls are gathered together, sharing dreams and learning how to be better and have themselves steps closer to their dreams. I believe this sort of event should be held even more often than now, I hope all the young spirits won’t stop dreaming, won’t stop sharing and keep on pursuing their goals!
“Your writing should be short and packed with good stuff” – Anita moran
“Good Styling it’s not a gift, it’s a skill” – Media Friesna
Graphic Design Class
Ka Dinda being interviewed! 
All the motivational gems!
And last but not least, Uchita Pohan was there too giving a class! The last and full with inspirational talk! She was one amazing woman, independent and strong! The kinda role model everygirl should have! She talked about dreams and how to make it comes true! 
Oh yea! In the end of the event, out of 50 contestants, top 10 people were chosen to be the top 10 contributors and got the chance to get amazing prize! They can do an internship in GoGirl! magazine accordingly to their interest. So congratulation girls! Hope you can come a couple of steps closer towards your dream! Keep on dreaming big, for that will be real one day!

congrats love! i hope all the best for you guys!

And oh oh oh! This is one of the best parts too! As I got this parcel arrived at my doorstep, I was so excited! I tried to see the products one by one the hamper looks a bit messy when I took the picture! LOL! Well, for me, I have been having problem with my sensitive skin since I was a teenager, and trust me, Clean and Clear sure is really suitable and amazing to use! The products are so easy to use, doesn’t dry your skin or irritates you!

 I definitely recommend you their Foaming Facial Wash and their Oil Control Film! I’ve tried them, why don’t you?

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