Charity with LOVE+FLAIR

And so this is a report of what was happening a couple days ago, 26th of November at Tredici Ristorante, to be exact where Laison by Aurelias did a private viewing and good sample sales too! I was so excited to browse through every pieces, but the pictures I took were indeed blurred ūüôĀ But I would definitely show you the collection I bought sometime soon!
By the way, I would like to share about something to you, that actually LOVE+FLAIR is teaming up with Habitat for Humanity to have this great charity event to help build up houses for under privileged people. LOVE+FLAIR basically pledged to raise 30mio with their vendors those are joining the charity and donate the money right away to the organisation!
I would like to invite you guys to be part of this humane act and start thinking about others beside ourselves and be grateful for what we have and what we can actually share to others.
I’m wearing¬†Nataia Kiantoro¬†top and¬†Ingrid Husodo¬†skirt for the special charity sale, and for some information, please click¬†¬†and find out more!
The winter special menu : Homemade Parpadelle with Homemade beef or pork sausage
Meatball with cheese stuffing inside



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