My blood is rushing, my heartbeat rises and my head spins. Things happen unconsciously for some reason, your mind and soul can’t handle what’s going on with your life and your body. Scientists once said, human brain’s cells work only less than 10%, but we are what we are today. Can you imagine if we could take over all of our brainworks and do whatever we want? yes, maybe I just remind you of one movie, where Scarlett Johansson played Lucy in the movie LUCY. Well, I might say I would not want to have 100% control of my body, since well, I am afraid. With what i have now, I am more than grateful, I am very happy to be forgetful sometimes, there I can release some of bad memories and impressions. I am very grateful too sometimes when I lose control and relinquish all my anger, because, one day we need to get all out and not keeping the agony and torture inside.
Enough with the heavy talk and move into something relaxing. Toning down the words, yes I do. Talking about feelings and emotions. Where guys are known for their rational and logical side, we, women are best known for our instinct and emotion. While men go for the look, we go inside their heart. Ironically, it is true. But for me, people might call me a mutant, since I act and think more like a man. Well, the estrogens inside my body can’t lie, I will still have those mood swings and emotional instinct, but we are talking about my attitude and how I perceive my life. 
Want to know more? STAY TUNED! meanwhile, I’m dressing amazingly girly!
white tank top, skirt, heels — find out more here
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