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I was very happy to be invited to THEFACESHOP event at JJ Royal Bistro a couple of weeks ago and witnessed the great introduction of this Oil Control Water Cushion and Kim Soo Hyun as THEFACESHOP’s face! Well, honestly speaking, I tried this product and found that it is really amazing, how natural the result is and how dewy your face looks like when you apply them on your skin!

THEFACESHOP is inspired by nature and believes that there is natural beauty to everyone. THEFACECHOP is a leading cosmetic brand with the position of number one market share in the Brand Shop cosmeticscategory in Korea. Recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands, THEFACESHOP now has more than 2,600 stores in 29 countries worldwide. 

Wishing he was real? 😉
Actually this OCWC product is dedicated for people with oily skin, since it leaves zero oil, fully moisturize your skin and it has that absolute matte finish! THEFACESHOP OCWC is definitely perfect for people in Indonesia, since it’s formulated to serve our skin in this climate. As part of tropical climate country, the water cushion actually got SPF50+ into it! So we don’t have to worry about putting extra sunblock or layers on our face! Practically amazing! It is one of the newest makeup innovations that holds liquid foundation inside hard case packaging with microfoam pad.
Cute Packaging!
Easy Applicator
Can you tell which half side of my face is actually wearing the cream? 🙂 AMAZINGLY DEWY
 The water cushion actually helps you to avoid uneven makeup when we are doing our daily activities, it controls the sebum, freshen up your face and moisturize your skin! Our face would definitely look flawless but still helping our make up layer to stick together perfectly. The non sticky sensation is one of my favorite things about this product and as they have Moringa Tree Extract inside the formula, we really don’t have to worry about oily face no more!
before blending
Do you know what’s even more amazing? The product costs only at IDR329k with 2 different shades to choose from! Trust me, you would feel satisfied with the result! One tub for everything, happy trying!
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