So peeps, I just took Ellips Challenge, which was the #Hairperiment! I just need to make sure that Ellips Pro Keratin Vitamin Mask really works for me! Since recently I just dyed my hair, I needed something to regain my hair condition, in which I took Ellips Vitamin Mask and really felt the differences! I had my glowing, smooth and silky hair back after the usage!

You too can join the challenge and win millions rupiah worth of prizes! woot woot! All you have to do is to  upload your photo or video to your social media with the hashtag #HAIRPERIMENT and mention @ellips_haircare, not to forget in the photo or video  you have to show your hair before and after usage! for more information you can check:

www.ellipshaircare.com/hairperiment! good luck guys!

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