Face Contour Experience with OYA Clinic

Woot Woot! So basically, this is something amazing that I actually was really impressed. So far, I am quite afraid to do anything related to Body Shaping or Contouring, although it’s non surgical, but it just never cross my mind that I would try to do it to myself! Well, lucky enough for me, after a couple of research and doubts, I decided to visit this one amazing clinic called OYA Body Shaping Clinics at Menteng! But for you who live quite far from Menteng, you might want to consider checking their PIK’s clinic!

I am actually quite fascinated by the White influence Decoration, creating the clean, neat and promising vibe when you enter the premises. The front desk staff was really helpful and friendly!
And last week, I decided to try the OYA Face Contour treatment and the Body Shaping treatment! I will start with my face! OYA Face Contour is non invasive treatment, no surgical action nor needles were needed! The treatment actually helps you to get rid of the fat on your face and tighten your face so your face would look slimmer, fresher and younger.
The usage of OYA cream that was patented Internationally could really get rid of fat piles around eyes, face, jaw, cheeks and around your neck area by activating fat burner receptor under our skin naturally, the fat would actually get out safely through our body system too! 
After the fat is burnt, the skin would automatically loosen up because of the fat glands, but with OYA Face Contour, your skin will be tightened again by Ultrasound therapy with higher intensity to stimulate new collagen production, therefore even months after the treatment, the skin will continue to rejuvenate.
*sorry for lack of treatment process pictures*
before after
The beautician will actually clean your face with their cleanser and begin the process, they would show you how your face actually look like then and how they will focus on some parts of your face.
2. OYA cream Application with Ultrasound technology
The cream that was invented by OYA’s professor was brown in color, no smell and no nothing. The tool that was used looked like spatula, and of course it doesn’t hurt and it seriously feel like nothing!
3. Hydration Mask Application
So after the treatment was dome, hydration mask was used to help your face regain the water condition on your face
4. Moisturizer Application
Not only they give you mask, they will help to moisturize your skin the whole day by applying their amazing cream on us!

Actually, I was very delighted with the result! Due to the perfect moisturizing treatments, I can feel that my skin is very well treated, it got smaller and I can actually feel the difference when I pinch my cheeks! I can feel that less fat face with super tightened skin, no need to worry about having droopy cheeks like hush puppies!
And I would like to let you know, that you can always buy their products, including the Self Service home Kit! They will give you the opportunity to do it yourself at home with their tool!
I want one for me!

And I  do have this amazing DISCOUNT TO SHARE WITH YOU!!! 🙂 Enjoy love!
Full Face + Neck : IDR1,348,500
Full Face: IDR899,000
Full Neck : IDR899,000
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