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I feel really grateful and thankful for God has given me so much that I know sometimes I don’t deserve. The prodigious life I have been living has got me thinking, where am I in 5, 10 or even 20 years? What kind of life would I have? Who would be standing there next to me? Side by side having a good harmonious family.
Well, I will post about my family for the first time here, as my parent’s wedding anniversary just took place recently and we all went for a Balication stay! Like always, Bali has been welcoming me and treating me invaluably lovely. This time, I got them the trip as my gift as they have always been the best parents to me, they love me abundantly and they don’t need any reason to love me. They love me the way I am and I know a couple of times in my life I felt bad for treating them nastily.
We were staying at TS Suites Bali
So Basically TS Suites is one of Townsquare‘s Family, which consists of Townsquare Cilandak (CITOS), Townsquare Surabaya (SUTOS), TS Suites Surabaya and TS Suites Bali. And one thing I love the most about their properties, are all of them so friggin cool and awesome! From the design to the attention to details were beyond imagination. Somehow they managed to put all the pieces together and create one masterpiece one at a time! And for me, TS Suites Bali is one of the hippiest and the coolest hotels ever! You would be having that jaw-dropping moment if you scroll down and look at the beautiful pictures I have prepared you!
Arriving at the airport in the afternoon, Bali was pretty chill since it’s still winter in Australia, and yes, we got our airport pick up from the hotel, they took us for lunch and we were headed to the hotel. I mean, the moment I entered the premises, I was awed by the prettiness of the property, located at Jl. Nakula No.18, Seminyak, TS Suites has a very good location! And it’s like 10 mins away walk to the beach and Seminyak’s busiest shopping street, so it is awesome! Not to mention, the hotel itself got their own restaurant tenants, so you would feel convenient to find food.

One more thing about Townsquare properties, they all have this one amazing motto, HEEEL that stands for:
And I’ll let you know what it is so true and amazing!
First two nights, we stayed at their TShell and TSand room, those are connecting ones since I traveled with my family, this is very convenient! Well, the Suite room is humongous and very nicely designed, again, I was doing Interior Design course for my college, so I pay a lot of attention to interiors. The space was spacious and bright, so very instagram-able! The wall designs are amazing, the bed is comfortable and the bathroom is so spacious with big bath tub inside! Pssst! Do you know that the minibar inside the rooms are free and free refill too? Oh yeah!
Amazing waterfall courtyard for you to take pictures!
What’s very easy for people is that they would get their personal Guest Service Officer who would just help you with anything! You could even check in inside the room! And let you know what, they have the 2pm check out policy, making it easier for you heavy sleepers those need more time to get ready to check out! As for check ins, they do have early check in too! Isn’t that amazing?

 Moving on, I checked out the whole hotel and went to 3rd floor where the Spa, Gym, Leisure club, Kids Room, Restaurant and Rooftop Pool are. One crazy thing again, the restaurant is 24 hours and they do all day buffet and FREE all day breakfast. So if ever wake up too late from your sleep, you can always call the restaurant to bring your breakfast to the room! One more indulgence you could have during your stay! The variety of international cuisine is amazing too Top notch!
As part of the leisure space, TS Suites provide you with lots of entertaining activities such as guest gathering party, rooftop sunrise or sunset yoga, pool competition and many more! Check with GSO to find more info about these activities and they would be pleased to accommodate your needs! 
24 Gym and pool above the restaurant, overlooking the pool area!
And now, the last day in Bali I spent at their amazing rooftop TStar Villa! In which, the biggest one there with two rooms! I mean like, this villa is super amazing and huge! I can tell the moment I walked into the villa, I would have hard time checking out. And yes, it was pretty hard on me! The living room, pool, dining and room were amazing! If you are curious about the whole thing, watch my soon to be published youtube video! You will get a hold of the hotel all at once! Stay tuned people!
Villas are on level 5
Loving the detail
See that comfy chair?
Now, moving on to one of the most important things you should do in Bali, massages! Yes, they do have their Spa services and you can do it at the spa area or call them to your room! As the day was pretty nice, I kind of want to have my massage outdoor with the cool breeze by the pool!
View from the Villa, that’s the pool!
Anyways guys, I know you’ll get bored if the post is too long, so let me cut it right here, and I just hope that you guys would watch the video too! Still a work in progress but it should be soon enough peeps! Have a wonderful day, and let’s have more vacations!
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