First month

As always, hair has been one of the main concerns when girls go out in public. When we are having that bad hair day, that means the whole look is kinda ruined, it’s like as bad as bad eyebrow kinda day! But now, I have one little solution and progress I have while I’m using CG210 hair serum! It has been around one month for me to use this amazing serum by Abbott Indonesia, and I have to tell you that I feel some difference! Actually the hair loss rate is going down, whenever I brush my hair, I don’t really have those bunch of hair stuck on my comb!
¬†At this rate, I’m supposed to have my new hairs growing from inside my scalp, I haven’t really noticed them much, but I can see lots of baby hair coming, and I’m so excited to know that i’ll be having voluminous hair soon! Although, I know that because of CG210 now, I got my hair healthy and looks amazing like the picture above!
And yes, for you guys who is still confused on how to apply them on your hair, here’s one simple video tutorial for you!
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