go bold with red

One day I would like to go undercover and be somebody else, going around asking people some questions about me. Deep down, I really am curious about how the world see me. 
They way they look at me
The way they think of me
The way they actually despise or love me
Like M&Ms inside a jar, you would not know which color you will end up eating if you don’t see them closely. I do believe everyone has their own colors, flavors and uniqueness. Everybody may be born different to each other, but for everything God has created, we are born for some reason. One person’s weakness might be others’ strength, it’s not supposed to encourage you to take advantage of the weak ones, what I want to tell you is that you can actually fill in the gap and become united. There you will grow stronger.
People are claimed as social creatures for some legit truths, no matter how hard we try to stand on our feet, no matter how hard we try to isolate ourselves from the outside world, deep down our heart and unconscious mind, we long for those beautiful interactions. 
Well, those relationship among human beings might not be pretty all the time. There will be time where you fight and be angry, but that is again the beauty of relationship, when you find yourself aren’t happy with how things had gone, you will find yourself looking for the good times you spend together, and you will spare some ego, you will find your way to forgiveness. But believe me, for some conditions, we have to start forgiving ourselves in order to forgive others.
Are you ready to forgive? and forget..?
And now for my fashion update~! Well I’m a little bit too late to congratulate Indonesia’s 70th Birthday, but my spirit is still up and blazing red! I’m ready to GO BOLD WITH RED
It’s a little thing about me, I don’t really wear red that often, but once in a blue moon I do want to show people that I can indeed pull off the color on me!
So I decided to take this red DOPE hat for a spin under the sunlight with casual comfy t-shirt and shorts plus, of course I wouldn’t go out without a pair of heels!
Then again, do you guys know that Clozette ID is having this amazing event called : 
GO BOLD WITH RED? I really hope you guys would join this amazing event with me and support the young generations so they can improve and be better!

And last but not least, I would like to invite you guys joining this amazing feature from Clozette Indonesia! CLOZETTE BAZAAR~ and yes, just like the name, it is a platform where you can sell your preloved stuffs or even brand new stuffs with good price! Find all the vintage loves you’ve been craving all these time! 
It is very easy and fast, you just need to set up your account and voila! You can start selling and buying anything starting from beauty to fashion products! Discover thousands retailers and shops those will blow your mind! Don’t forget to save up to shop 😉
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