i am ready

Family. It is one precious core of your life. By nature you are born into a family you are supposed to finish your last breath with. I was a really innocent girl, yes i was that judgmental girl who was naive. as time passed by, i just notice things have changed. I have eating disorder, I lied so much my parents just won’t believe me, for what I do, they keep their theory about me. well yes, I am a very bad daughter and kid now, if i could live by myself, i would. if i could die as soon as possible I would. for the reason that i am just so tired of living in a place where even my parents wouldn’t believe me.

as far as i know no one would even care to read this, but i just needed to load all my feelings to these words and let myself be freed. oh God. please help me. rescue me from the darkest pit of my life. let me out of here. to heaven or hell, i am ready.

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