I haven’t found it

I thought I had found it. 
I thought I got the hold out of it.
But no, maybe the sins and faults those I’d done are giving me a lesson. 
Teaching me how world actually is.
I have been a stony-hearted person, I am very ignorant over past few years and my heart sort of frozen and petrified. The cruel world actually acts as my medusa of life, the moment I glance into those fierce and filthy eyes, I am petrified. Turned into stone, perhaps for the rest of my life.
As far as I know, part of me grow bigger, I become someone with bigger heart, by all means, I accept anything and anyone. My eyes blur out when I have to choose which one is ethical or improper, the vague cloud and mist in my mind keeps on getting heftier. 
But I wish, one day the time will come, where my soul melts down and my spirit flourish in the shade, so I become that pretty little flower, once again blooms and rebirth.
Today has been raining the whole day, so wearing something comfortable and warm is soothing, have a cup of tea and book in your arms, getting your eyes busy reading the words one by one. sentences to sentences til you fall asleep.

for me today, It’s no make up kinda day with Hoodie!

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