i will say, i love you

People say, February is the month of love, but for me, every single day, every single hour, minute and seconds are the moment of love. People easily says, say I love you before it’s too late, but then again, a lot of people take it for granted, they in real life don’t really express the correct amount of love they are supposed to show. Well, for me myself, I may sometimes act the same too. Pride sometimes defeat the power of LOVE, therefore we need to train and remind ourselves to be humble and caring. Without love, the world would be dull. The earth would feel the filth and we become its paracite.
And I am very grateful for Bridestory.com to hold this amazing challenge called #iloveyouchallenge, meaning you can show your love through your social media. Simply follow the instructions below and you shall find so many ways to show your love. 
Time is ticking forward, they don’t do reverse. You might define the most important thing in the world is money or wealth, but no. Time is, without time, you wouldn’t be able to achieve all that. So Cherish your life, cherish the people around you, and let them know how amazing they are to you. As time goes by. You would the realize those steps, finding love, bonding, tieing your love, proposal, finding wedding vendors, photographers, pre-wedding photoshoot, and that one moment of your life where you swore before God tocshare your love forever and ever!


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