Made in Indonesia

Whenever, wherever I breathe in, a dose of air got into my system and keeping me alive. Well, this is one ugly truth, but it is true that Jakarta is one of the most polluted cities in the world, but then again, it is my hometown, a real place I call home. My loved ones are all here, everytime is a bless, to have such people in my life.
Now, I want to share with you, a bit of Indonesia. Who said that Batik that is noted as indonesia’s world heritage can’t be presented as something modern? Let’s all forget about those old mindset and look forward! Batik got the beautiful pattern and very uniquely detailed, we can get rid of stripes, polkadots, animal prints or any other ones, but for sure, Batik will be forever amazing!
See how I mix and match my Batik Crop top from ICORISIO with Jogger Pants from Cloth Inc, and yes a pair of statement heels are always my best choice! Thank Dolce Vita for that.

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