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And so here I start my wonderful getaway with Intercontinental Resort Bali, Jimbaran a couple of weeks ago! Be ready for the mass photo bombs here! I am ready to awe your eyes with the greatness of this resort. Well, in advance, thanks to Makanluar.com for the treat! They help me to get what’s best in Bali! So make sure you check them out and use their website or app! Mobile booking system is just so uh-may-zeeng!
So! I went on a very early flight from Jakarta with Garuda Indonesia, and of course it is my favorite airline of all! Once I got to the airport, someone was sent to pick me up from airport straight to the resort! It didn’t take long and the hospitality was gem! You even get the wifi inside your alphard, no to mention they also prepared you some fresh wet cool towels to refreshen you up!
Lobby view
As soon as we arrived, I was led to the Club Lounge, so okay, let me brief you a little bit. Intercontinental Resort Bali got a couple of options for your stay, They have the normal Hotel, Club Room and Resort too! Club room is slightly more private and classy, they have their own 24hr lounge with lotsa complimentaries, they have their own pool and butler service too! So I headed to the Club Lounge to check myself in. The perks of getting your Club Room Suite is that you can also have all the access to 5 different breakfast spots! How cool is that?
Reading room
welcome drink 
Club Lounge
So after a quick breakfast and filling my energy up, I decided to see the room for myself and I was quite surprised to find I got myself two big beds, my own balcony and huge bathroom for myself. I feel like I could fit in 10 people in the room and still have the space to do anything I want!
gigantic room with 2 big beds, balcony and huge bathroom just for myself!
As the schedule continues, after I rest for a little bit, I was told there is this amazing event going on at Intercontinental Resort Bali, in which a very famous MASTERCHEF from Japan called Hal Yamashita was actually coming and stayed for a week and hold cooking class at KO Japanese Restaurant in Intercon, and what is the best part? I could join the class and learn so much! So basically we learned how to cook things and he basically taught us how to cut fish, how to marinade, and let us know some of his recipes, and yes! Those are the ones really cooked in his restaurants! 


And not only the cooking class, but for the whole week, Masterchef Hal Yamashita cooks at KO Restaurant for dinner, besides A la Carte, he do 6 and 9 set course menu, in which, later at night I did enjoy every bite of the food!
Actually, Masterchef Hal Yamashita gave me one extra dish, which was the scallop! And the Cod fish isn’t in the picture!
Food from upper left to right:

“Hassun” : Shrimp Yuzu-mayo sauce, jap pickle, edamame, egg salad w/ black truffle, teriyaki chicken, sushi roll & canape
Salmon Carpaccio
Sea Urchin rolled by Wagyu Beef plus Avruga Caviar ** (best)
Shrimp and Chicken Tempura Salad
Granita Yuzu Flavor with Plum Wine Gelee
Grilled Scallop
Charcoal Grilled Wagyu Beef with Sea Urchin Sukiyaki sauce
Assorted Sushi : Spicy Tuna, Salmon and Roasted Scallop
Chocolate and Azuki Bean Terrine with Brandy Cream
All that for 1.300k++, if you add 180ml of sake or two glasses or red or white wine, it’s 1.650++
Definitely worth it!

So enough with the food, so I decided to go back to my room and rest for a bit til the sunset! Let me tell you, Intercontinental got this beautiful Sunset Bar just by the sea with cute sofas, amazing drink and tapas plus the ambience is just right! 
my companion : Shirley from @Urbanoutliving
Right after the sunset, we were headed to KO Japanese Restaurant and had our amazing 9 set course meal with Hal Yamashita, the pictures are above you so scroll up people! The long dinner was so fun with good people and chat! Was so beaten up then I took a deep sleep til the sunrise woke me up!
 Breakfast is one important meal of the day, so I headed to Jimbaran Garden, one out of 5 breakfast spots there! I chose here because it is so close to the beach, and I would love to have my breakfast with the view!
Egg’s Benedict
And there it is! my quick getaway in Bali, and I really thank you all for the hospitality, sadly the spa was full for the week so I couldn’t really review and try em, maybe next time? LOL! Hope you see this hidden message! Invite me for more amazing experiences, would love to be part of it! 😉
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