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Woohoo! Do you guys noticed anything new with my hair? Yes! I just got my hair coloured and trimmed at Marc Plus Beauty Salon at Red Top Hotel! And all is arranged by Zalonku.com, thank you so much!
So the moment I got into the salon, I was impressed by the minimal but dynamic design. All the interiors are white based ambience with some touch of bright yellow tables and black chairs! My opinion would be, it’s super neat and comforting!
And not only that, they got their nail corners too for you guys who want to give your nails a little treat!
At first, I was introduced to the owner of the hairshop, call him the amazing MARC CHONG from Hongkong, long story short, he’s been here in Indonesia for amazing 7 years and done so many good works as a hair stylist. Having his own shop is just one of his achievements!
After he checked my hair condition, he asked me what kind of color did i wish to have, back then I didn’t really have anything in mind, therefore I let him choose for me instead, and as you see below, my hair was pretty messy! So Marc offered me to trim my hair a little bit so it’s a lot tidier! And yes, it looks so much better (pic no.2), and the third picture is the end result! Well, I’ll keep you updated step by step!
At first, they started with the base of my hair, basically, it is still going to be a brown shade, but just with more perfection! Cappuccino highlight with dark brown base, it was amazing and quick!
After all the coloring is done, they let it sit there for a couple of minutes, Marc Plus was using this tool that heats your hair a little bit, so the colouring process is shorter and trust me, it doesn’t ruin your hair!
And voila! I love the RESULT! I let myself with the perfect straight hair and you know what? I don’t feel any dryness or obvious damage! In fact, my hair was so smooth when I walked out the shop! Thank you so much Marc Plus and I hope the best for your salon!
And yes, it doesn’t end Here, but you know that MARC PLUS beauty salon at Redtop Hotel is giving away 10 free haircuts? Yes! not ONE but TEN free hair cuts!
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so I wish you all the luck and hopefully you can win the haircuts! And pssst! As for their opening promo, they are having 50% off all treatments promo *terms and conditions apply*
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