Michimomo talks about suicide

It is officially November now, i hate it how time flies, without any mercy, unstoppably moving with fast pace. Well, it is kinda silly to say but I feel that I’m getting older, with all my emotion and mind growth, I have become the current Michelle. Changes were made during my character evolution, maybe like pokémon I evolved every some time, changing into something really different, yet very familiar. My traits and moves change, but then again, whenever I evolve, I become stronger and learn so many new ways to survive.
Lately, the Michelle has been feeling sad and low, although her achievements are getting bigger, the work is looking good and she is surrounded by good people, she would still cry when she’s alone. And some people just don’t get her sometimes, they would think she is a drama queen or she is a drunkard. Those kind of comments actually hurts her feeling, all the mean and hatred actions she received are sometimes so hard to handle, even for her that has been through a lot.
And it is so sad to know that those people who once your forever partner in crime suddenly disappear or just don’t care. I know in life, it is so hard to find the one true love, but for me, to find one true friendship is even harder. Friendship works like a painting, if you do it right, you would find yourself the perfect imagery hanging on your wall, but if you ruin the paints, they would just end up being inside a trash can, because you know how hard you try to fix them, it would not end up like the original one.

Anyways, recently I did make a video, talking about suicide and a little part of sharing, so please do enjoy watching the video down below and like or subscribe to me! 🙂 happy November guys!

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