Like how the river flows, like how chemical reaction goes, that is how everything happens these days. I feel no obstacles, everything runs flat and smooth. The only thing that tells me apart is I laugh more, I feel more. For those moments when I believe butterflies inside my stomach is officially gone, I regret it. Cause right now, I do know that everything is almost back. I am willing to better and turn back to who I was.
But then again, from this moment, I start to fear the momentum. How everything runs almost flawlessly, there is a small part inside myself telling me to behave and to protect what I have right now. My mind keep on telling me that I might ruin this beautiful bond I made. You would judge or you would surmise about my life, but you don’t know me that well to feel what you might feel if you were in my shoes.
I feel like sharing my calm pictures by the sea with stripey tube dress and platform wedges 🙂 happy tuesday all!

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