Naked with truth

been wanting to shop with ShopBop for awhile! they are great and fabulous. anyway, after a while, i’m writing for you guys. enjoy my naked story.

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Somebody told me not to be greedy. Somebody told me to be a better person. In life, I believe I have become self-indulgent, gluttonous and voracious human being. In the midst of compulsive hormones explosion, I can’t even control myself from being a wicked person with horrible personality. I do trick people, take advantage of people’s interest in me and turn it into something handy for me. I have that devious, cunning and sly actions, those some people might have noticed a lot coming from me these days. I’m being honest and certain that no one should trust me that much. I am a selfish and self-centered person, therefore, it is so hard to please me, to claim that i was wrong.
I feel that I’m so far away from God, that I haven’t been going to church a lot for a while, I feel that I tried to be close to Him but then bad things keep on happening. And unconsciously, I was dragging myself away from God. I left myself full with doubts, guilts, hatreds and greediness that will never be fulfilled.
A lot of things have been taken away from me, the harmony of beautiful family, the sacred of relationship, the innocent mind I once used to have, and the eagerness to have a beautiful marriage based on love. voices around me changed me, they told me not to find love but to find certainty. the told me to find someone who loves me more than i love him. it is not all faulty, i believe in  the relationship theory, when they say husbands will stop loving you more someday, but wives will love you more and more til the end of their lives.
Like the sound of water flowing in the river, I want to be calm
Like the blinks of stars in the sky, I want to sparkle
Like the moon at night, I want to be people’s guide in the dark
Like the cotton, I want to be soft
Like the dandelions when they were blown, I want to fly free with the wind
Here I am, naked with truth.

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