over 60 days with you

And yes it has been 3 months now for me and CG210 to be together, lol! It’s now over 60 days of usage and I’m still loving the way it makes my look better!
No, but seriously, I have been getting more confidence since my hair has shown great less number of hairloss, I felt so happy every time I wash my hair or brush em, I hardly find hair falling out of my head! And I do feel that the serum really works, since I find so much new hair



Up until now I still use it twice a day after showering, and remember, you can always use them when your hair is wet and dry, not sticky and smells good! The fact that it helps me with my hair growth builds up my confidence, and for me, my hair is one of my most cherished assets of my life.
Besides having more voluminous hair, I do feel that my hair grows healthier!
follow me and enjoy the magical result from CG210 that you can get from this serum! You can get this product at some stores available for around IDR550k, well price comes with quality, so don’t you worry because it is super worth it!
For more information, go to http://www.cg210.co.id
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