How do you get your fashion inspiration everyday?
How do you usually find the latest trend and fashion statements?
Don’t you wish there was a way to look at your fashion and beauty videos while shopping without opening so many browsers?
Don’t you want everything to be, how do I put it in one word

I think I might have found the best solution for you all! It’s a new website called Perisphere ( that offers a seamless online fashion experience.   When I searched on Perisphere, I was able to look at both fashion items and videos from within the page! This was very different when I was just using Google where I had to click and click and click multiple websites.  I spent so much time watching the fashion and beauty videos that came up.

Main Page

So far I’ve come across both international and local retailers on the website but I hope they will keep growing and cover more. Another thing I liked was that I was able to compare across any retailer. To purchase anything, I simply clicked the link to the retailer.  By simplifying my online fashion experience, Perisphere has truly made my online fashion world manageable again.

I found out that Perisphere is running a weekly draw where users who sign up get a chance to of winning Rp 500,000 shopping vouchers. And if you refer your friends, both of you get an extra chance.  I managed to get a special link for all of you where we get TRIPLE the chances. So quick, sign up here and you can get your FREE account right away!   
The more friends you share this secret with, the higher your chances of winning! 
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