piece of me for you

every piece of me is missing you. every cells inside my body is longing for you. breathing in your air, snuggling in your arm. my mind goes crazy every time i recollect my memories about you. My heart pumps everything I got the chance to see you, be with you and enjoying my time with you. Like a thin layer of tissue I am to you, easily torn if I don’t get a piece of you. Every heartbeat, every breath, I long for you. My heart and mind hovers above you and you are all I need right now.
yes, Melbourne. You are missed.
anyways, feeling a little bit towards the casual side of me these days. something simple and comfortable like black cargo pants!
And yes, as you can see i’m a bit on my pastel mood on! so Pastel perfection by Clozette is something you can browse on to get some inspiration!
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