see the stars

Because when you see the stars, you know deep inside your heart that something else is out there, laying or floating above the outer space, looking down at us thinking, ‘What are those minions doing?’. We are just the dust of life, we are just micro dots against the universe, and so why are we acting so big? Why are we pretending that we are something else or special? Whilst, I do believe we are just too far away from perfection. What we have, we hold, we see and smell are all temporary, one day it’ll be long gone. And to what do we owe the privilege of enjoying all the perks as human beings? One thing I would always remind you guys, GIVE THANKS. To the Lord or to any beliefs you might have, just give thanks and be grateful for we are still breathing enough air to survive, for we are still able to eat and drink so we won’t starve and die. 
I do myself, have a lot in my mind. I do take things for granted, LIFE, for instance, I live my days like a robot or zombie. Doing the same routine with the same thought, thinking about nothing but how to survive until tomorrow. But then again, I don’t think I see the big picture just yet. Why was I born? Why I was created this way? Is there any special plan set for me? Even the ghosts would not know. And for me, I’m still on the progress of finding my inner self, being someone, living as someone who, i hope, is useful to the community. Giving myself out and praising my God.
Well, lucky enough for me that I got this amazing opportunity to be in a culinary show with my fellow love korean girlfriend, Han Yoo Ra! And This was my first outfit I wore on the first episode of NYAM NYAM NYAM by MBDC Media 🙂

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