Sheraton Bandung x Makan Luar

Finally I had the chance to write about this newly renovated Hotel in Bandung, and it’s the amazing Sheraton Bandung! You gotta be agree with me, the new interior of this hotel is beyond eyegasm, dominated with white ambience with blue, green and pink details, Sheraton Bandung surely took their image lots of steps ahead. The first moment I entered the main lobby, I was like, wow! Am I in Bandung? I felt I were somewhere else, Bali, perhaps?

The moment we got here, we the staffs greet us with million stars smile! In which, we would really expect them to do! And yes, a glass of ginger drink was served to refreshen us from the trip from Jakarta. We were introduced to the Manager and staffs there, this made us feel really intimate and personal. Then again, I started to wander around to see the whole building, and it was huge! So the manager gave us a tour around the hotel.
 Basically the hotel itself is divided into 2 parts, Sheraton Hotel and Sheraton Tower. Sheraton Tower is located a bit further at the back with special lounge just for Sheraton Tower’s customers! The two parts are divided by one pretty and soothing pool, like below.
The Pool was next to the restaurant, FEAST, in which we had our big lunch fest after the tour ended! The combination of white, pink, blue and the plants are beyond gorgeous, very photogenic!
Next we continue our tour into the most awaited and luxurious room ever, the PRESIDENTIAL SUITE located inside the Sheraton Tower! They got only one room for this, our former president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and other ministers had tried the room for themselves. The interior is very homey and vast, the space is beautifully designed so you feel like you’re at home!
Next, I give you a little sneak peek of my room, also located inside the Sheraton Tower, one fun fact, my favorite color is PURPLE, so the moment I entered the room, I had myself a gasp! Feels like my dream room coming true!

Now we move to the next good thing on the list, the restaurants! Basically, Sheraton Bandung has 2 restaurants,
Rather than a restaurant, I would say it’s a cute coffee shop, located outside the main lobby, it is dominated with orange and black ambience, again with white as the compliment color! They do serve coffee, pastries, snacks and some mains!


This is the main restaurant of Sheraton Bandung, dominated with wood and blue stones, creating the seaside ambience, with the beautiful lighting! They would serve breakfast, buffet and a la carte here! I gotta tell you, I’m in love with this restaurant’s interior, very light, bright and comfortable!

We move to our LUNCH! Actually what I collaged down below aren’t all the dishes those we ate! Me, Jenifer Patricia, Lucky Oetama and Alex Tan were treated so good! The head chef itself used to work at W Hotel in Maldives, and himself was from Switzerland, so you can imagine how good the food must taste like! I would reccomend the Tiramisu, Fried Vermicelli, Grilled Seabass and the Open Steak Sandwich!

After our big lunch, we were given a chance to have a little rest, but me and Jen, of course decided to pay a visit to their spa, the spa was called SHINE, basically it’s a chain amongst all Sheraton Group, they got some in W hotels too! All the products basically were made in Germany, and yes, me and Jen were too exhausted from the early morning trip and had ourselves a one good massage.


The day didn’t end there, after one good hot bath, the hotel prepared one last cute treat located at the lounge! They want to introduce their speciality in Sisha, they call it SMOKING COCKTAIL! Basically, it’s a sisha routine, with alcohol as part of the ingredients! Suprisingly amazing and cute!

So there there is my experience staying at Sheraton Bandung, and for sure I will comeback! 
And of course I would love to thank for the amazing chance! They got me into this beautiful getaway, one perfect day! Don’t forget to book your favorite restaurants through them and get yourself amazing deals!

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