shopee with me?

Good morning, afternoon and evening all my readers from around the world! I hope you guys are doing good because I am not! Sadly I’m very sick this week, but then again, I would like to share my story and joy about the world! LOL! Well oh well, updating my blog is one of my favorite things to do, and I do hope that it’ll be the perfect cure for me!
Long story short, for you guys who are following me on INSTAGRAM might know that I have been posting a lot about this application called SHOPEE, well yes, I am right now using that application a lot and I just want you guys to know why!

I have been struggling on how to get rid of my overflowing clothes in my closet! Well, doing a physical garage sale takes a lot of effort and seriously, it really consumes time and energy. Not so efficient and sometimes frustrating. Up until I joined Shopee, I didn’t know what to do!

So, what’s shopee?
Basically it’s a ONE-STOP platform to sell your stuffs, both used or brand new, in less than 30 seconds~!
So far my #ShopeeExperience has been amazing with lots of good feedback from my readers! So I want to highlight the benefits those you can have when you download the application!

So many promos, discounts and categories to choose from 🙂

What’s great about Shopee is that after you set up your account, you can directly start selling or buying products! A very simple and fast service is guaranteed!
find me : MICHIMOMO
Don’t ever be afraid that you will get deceived or some sort, for they have the SHOPEE GUARANTEE payment system. Basically, they will hold your money before transfering it to the seller until you get the product safe and sound! Not only that, if you have any questions regarding the product that you are going to buy, you can simply use their chatting feature, which will totally save up some time and energy! 
PSSST: You can even bargain!
So yes, i would totally recommend you to join me into this Shopee soiree. I would be giving you special voucher with the code : “MICHELLEHENDRA” and get IDR70k voucher for minimum purchase of IDR150k. It’s not so bad afterall right?

And don’t forget to search for me : MICHIMOMO! I do offer lots of discount for you and as well, FREE Delivery guys! So why wait??

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