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IMG_7582-1Be your kind of beauty, one simple yet strong phrase from Marina event that was held on 8th of December 2015, where it was the official launch date of #SaatnyaBersinar and #SmoothnGlowUV campaign with four Marina’s cosmetic variants: Two-way Cake, Powdery Foundation, BB Cream and the Compact Powder.IMG_7571IMG_7567 IMG_7573IMG_7598

The event was filled with Joy and Laughter, while the dresscode was Pink or Silver, the venue which was located at Veranda, The Grove Suites look very sweet and feminine. Having Nadya Julia as our MC was delightful, I’ve known her way back and she did lead the show into perfection with her professional skills.

IMG_7580 There were four main Speakers of the day:

IMG_7627Irish Bella, Nadia Soekarno, Vizzily Vizzya and Marketing Director of Marina, Ibu Nina M. Yunianto 

All the bloggers and media people start to blend in and took their preferable seats available and start the night by having snacks and then dinner, that was provided by the venue! Well, afterall we all love to eat, no?


Nadya started the session by calling out all the four amazing speakers and had them seated comfortably on the stage while the questions started to pop up! Well, I was actually one of their guest speakers too! But I was just sitting alongside the bloggers and help answering a couple of questions available, it was so much fun how we share our daily routine and how our skin is affected by our surroundings.

By all means, especially for celebrity or people who works in social media industry like myself as a blogger, we often are faced to the harsh lighting, sun and air-conditioning system, especially if you are a celebrity who has to shoot outdoor and indoor all the time, you will find yourself dealing with all the touch ups, heat and skin damage.

But then again, good thing with all Marina’s new products, everything seems to be better and in control, since the texture of their products are very light and soft, plus it blends with your skin super well!

One thing you have to take note about their new products, they all smoothen, brighten and protect your skin so it glows even more! You don’t have to apply too much on your skin since it really gives you perfect coverage without the ‘heavy-face’ feeling we all experience when we do layers of make up. 

How did I know all of this? Because the amazing guest speaker / Professional MUA Vizzily actually demonstrated a basic and natural make-up for us, we had 3 models ready to be polished! And yes oh yes, I am very awed by how good the result turns out to be.
On the table, we get to try the products too though, so we can learn and apply it on us! And as I thought, when I tried using the BB Cream on my back hand and blend it on my skin, I can actually see the amazing coverage Marina BB Cream creates and how light and not oily the after effect is. For me, I am quite selective about my beauty products, but then again I would totally recommend you to use the four variants of Marina Smooth & Glow UV products! I do believe it helps you to get your dreamy smooth, glowing and protected skin as all the products got 20SPF PA++ in it! You don’t have to bother applying sunscreen first before you put on your make up since even the BB Cream got its own SPF mixed inside.

IMG_7615So as I tried myself at home, I can say that the product indeed holds to its amazing promise to keep my skin smooth, bright and protected for glowing beauty!

And my personal favorite would be the MARINA TWO WAY CAKE!

marina smooth and glow pinapina 13 two way cake


Because it is actually a powder and foundation those are combined in perfection to give amazing coverage on your skin, not to mention that they actually last long on your skin. It contains mulberry that could even out your skin complexion and maintain your beautiful moist skin, the Vitamin C could actually make your skin naturally bright and glowing, the Microfine Powder makes your face perfectly blend and as the result, you have your own Natural Look.

One thing for sure about all the Marina Face Care products, they are all clinically tested and proven suitable for any type of skin with no irritation or problem.

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