Sweet candy

Candy eye sweet candy! The thought of myself walking through that door, that door of mystery. No matter how close or far your dreams are, you have to move one step at the time anyway, and those doors are always full of surprises, with something amazing waiting at the other side. 
Well, for as long as I could recall, my life had been an extreme roller coaster ride, life has totally played me along. I was trying so hard to control my life, but in the end, the universe always wins. I hold back so much, thinking about ways to make everything works and runs the way I want it to be, but well oh well, life’s a bitch and we’re their enemies. So buckle up and be ready for you might get on the most challenging ride afterall.
Top – by Sunny Dahye // Bag – Rebecca Minkoff // Shorts –  Mink Pink // Heels – Dolce Vita

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