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As one active women, I have to deal with so many things day by day. My restaurant, Arasseo has been going better and better, my life as a Fashion and Lifestyle blogger and influencer has also been very hectic and busy. Jumping around from one events to meetings everyday has made me realised how packed my day is, but then again, I feel proud of myself and my achievements! Success sure comes with a price, which are your time, energy and mind, and for me I can actually tell that you are successful and on the right track when you know what you want and you pursue your dream until it comes true!

As for me, I have my own passion, since I was a little girl, I have always been the coquettish one! I like to play dress up and would put on my mom’s make up and got scolded! There was once I was punished for cutting my own bangs, and it was hilarious, I know! As I grow older, I become who I am now, following my step and dream as  someone influential in fashion industry! Started my blog journey since I was in High School up until now, I believe I have achieved a lot of good things! Not to brag, but just to show that when you pursue your dream, you will find yourself on the other side of the road, the road of success!

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me alongside regional ASEAN Pacific bloggers!

But then again, in order to keep myself perked, I need to find ways to keep my smooth and moisturised skin on the go everyday, I found the perfect solution! MARINA UV White Hydro Cool is perfect for you talented girls with lots of activities everyday!



This Marina UV WhiteHydro Cool actually absorbs in a blink of an eye without any sticky residue on your skin, and as it contains seaweed, vitamin B3 and completed with UV Protection, it sure gives you all the nutrition you need, not to mention that the product would brighten and protect your skin from any environment encounters. Oh! And one thing I love the most is that the gel actually feels cool on your skin upon applying.IMG_8730

I can actually feel that it absorbs right away, leaving me with cool traces on my skin and it really smells really good! And more on the plus side, I feel that my skin is very moist and plumped! And this is why I really recommend Marina UV White Hydro Cool to you amazing girls out there with tons of things and activities to do!
First, you don’t have to worry about getting a sticky moment, because I can ensure you that it absorbs perfectly and easy to apply.
Second, it does smell really nice, so you could even feel relaxed by sniffing yourself *LOL*
Third, it is clinically tested and I’m sure it is safe for any type of skin!
Last but not least, THE COOLness on your skin moment you will experience the moment you rub it on your skin! And yes, it’s certified halal!IMG_8730
IMG_8727IMG_8733Oh by the way! Marina Hydro Cool is having a competition for you guys!
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