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Time has been running so fast, I can’t even believe that it is almost June, in which that means 2015 is half done! Catching up with my memories, I can only be sure that I just gained 3 kilos in 3 months and it’s not going down. Damn it! Well, been doing my muay thai routine like usual but the naughty fat and enormous appetite cling to me. Oh well! 
But Yippie yeehaaw! I am so excited to get my new baby eyeliners! As you may know, I usually am a black eyeliner gal! But this time, I am too eager to try the new REVLON Colorstay eyeliner! I got 4 colors for me, as for the liquid eyeliner, I got amethyst and silver, and as for the twist eyeliner, I got the sapphire and turquoise! 
 now, I would like to do another eye make up tutorial! It’s pretty simple and easy! As the Revlon’s new eyeliners bring out the FUN/EDGY/BRIGHT/VIVID side of you! I encourage you to try mix and matching the colors yourselves! For me, I love purple, as its my favorite color, so here is the final result of my fun play date with revlon color stay! I was combining the purple and blue as my eyes’ frame.
add brown eyeshadow on your eyelid as the base color
1. I used bright eyeshadow from the inner side of my eyelid up til middle, make sure to blend it well
2. Pick your REVLON Liquid Eyeliner in Amethyst and make a pretty neat cat-eye shape
3. Put on your REVLON Twist Stick Eyeliner in Sapphire under your eye and below your lashes to create an impact
4. Last but not least, put white eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eye to make your eyes look bigger and put on some mascara to complete the look after you curl em!
VOILA! You got it! The best part is when you are confident with yourselves and flaunt your beauty! Because eyes can #EYEMPHASIZE your beauty features~
By the way, I would love to let you guys know that REVLON is having a competition! It’s called REVLON “Colorful Affair” Challenge! The competition is pretty simple, basically you just need to make a gorgeous look out of REVLON’s new eyeliner collection that will be ready on market in Indonesia. You have to blog about the look and tell us the reason why you choose the look!
The competition is ongoing from 18th of June to 8th of July! The winners will be chosen by REVLON, and the best look with best reason is the one who will be going home with their amazing prizes! The first winner will be getting IDR1000k worth of REVLON Products and IDR200k worth of MAP Voucher. And the next 2 winners will be getting IDR500k worth of REVLON products and IDR200k worth of MAP Voucher too!
For more info, make your way to BBlogID now!

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