the natural you

When people talk about BEAUTY, what came out first in your mind? 
Is the the big eyes?
Is the the long legs?
Is it the high-cheek bone?
Good curve, skinny, tall, plump lips, small arms?
We might need to remind ourselves that beauty is only skin deep, the older you are, those imperfections will show. Wrinkles, flakes, cellulites etc, but then again, are we willing to accept ourselves? Do we accept our own beauty the way it is? I do believe that NATURAL beauty is the best scene you could ever imagine. I do believe no extra lines nor layers on your face would make you prettier. Because we are all beautiful in our own way.
We don’t need any heavy make up just to stand out, because believe me, your heart is equally important. You could always stand out because of your kind heart, inner beauty. What you need to do is just to take good care of your skin with the correct skin care. For instances, I’ve been trying to wear this amazing product from Citra variant called Citra Hazeline Pearly White moisturizer and Facial Foam, their motto is “Untuk anda yang ingin memiliki wajah yang lebih cerah berkilau alami“. 
Citra Hazeline Pearly White UV Moisturizer with its Natural Chinese Pearl Powder that is known to help our skin become fairer like a pearl, completed with UV protection to protect your skin from sunrays. As for the Facial Foam, it’s very smooth and moist, it helps cleaning your skin thoroughly and make your face looks brighter!
Therefore, I would like to ask you guys to join #CitraBeraniNatural challenge: 
1. Basically you just need to try the Citra’s moisturizer or facial foam (better both)
2. Take a selfie of yourself wearing “no makeup” makeup without no filter, don’t forget to include the Citra product!
3. Upload it on Rumah Cantik Citra’s Facebook Page and on Twitter mentioning @CantikCitra
4. Get a chance to win amazing prizes such as Smartphones and a chance  to be “Perempuan Cantik Citra” that will be showed in Citra Digital Media and getting involved into FTV SCTV taping.
Good Luck guys! Now I would like to give you a simple Natural Make up Tutorial! Hope it works for you 😉
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