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Well oh well if it isn’t another time for me to actually be happy and share to you guys about something exciting! As you might know, I did a couple of oya face contour treatment before, and what I haven’t written about is actually the other treatment that I’m doing with OYA Clinic, which was the VELASHAPE. Velashape treatment was popularized by Kim Kardashian, She’s doing it regularly to slim down and shape some areas in her body.
This treatment is actually very effective to shape your body, helping you with cellulites, get rid of nasty fat and tighten your skin after the treatment so it doesn’t look soggy! Velashape III has 2 applicator, V-smooth applicator for cellulites and V-contour applicator with three different heads for one time usage from small to larger size, they are all to help you with the body shaping and fat burning.

The machine that they are using is VELASHAPE 3 which is the latest and newest technology from Velashape. In Indonesia, OYA Clinic is the only one who got this machine. Therefore, not oly that oya is using the most natural ingredients, but they are also using the latest technology.

Pinching sensation here
As you might not know, the treatment works with four latest methods and technology which are:
Radio frequency energy and infrared light to give you that 42C heat on your fat tissue, while vacuum suction and mechanical rollers help you with detoxicating the poison inside your body through lymphatic system.
Trust me people, it can be permanent if you do it 3-4 times with a healthy lifestyle! And now the steps those I went through!
1. Measurement and consultation
Here, the doctor actually suggest me to do the velashape on my thighs! They did measure my left and right thighs, I feel like a drumstick that time!
2. Gel application and machine
Of course, since they are doing the treatment with some heat involved, we need to keep our skin cool and moist, therefore they put on the cool gel and start the process.
It kinda felt like you were being pinched with some heat too, well, some parts were okay but a couple of areas (i believe with lots of fat) were actually pretty painful. But then again, beauty is pain, and there is no way you could have no pain body shaping process!! But for me, the face contour by oya is 100% PAINLESS guys!
3. Cleansing
After all the gel and machine aftermath, your skin would still have gel stain on it, so they clean them up for you!
And yes, right after the treatment, the beautician would actually measure your thighs again right away! And you know what? I lost at least 1cm for my thighs, while one of my thighs lost 2cm! WOOHOOO! Don’t you guys love the instant result after the treatment?
And what I felt was that my thighs are actually tightened and I felt really confident wearing my pants or legging and show off some thigh gap! :p
here is the pricing and E-VOUCHER as always!
Price: Rp 2.500.000
1 month package = Rp 6.798.000 (2x Velashape 2x Microcurrent +RF)
 Last but not least, I would love to congratulate OYA CLINICS Indonesia for the branch opening at Pantai Indah Kapuk! I was happy to be there on the grand opening day! Wish you all the luck!
Luna Maya, Karenina Sunny, me and Joe Halim
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