Been awhile since I write about something yummy and ready to jiggle your tummy! Well, I was invited to Wakuwaku and MIDTOWN Jakarta, which both are actually under one management. The two of them are actually very different in style, food and price, but one thing I can make sure of that both of them share the same trait: DELICIOUS.

Let start with WAKUWAKU Jakarta that’s located at the top of SPBU Senayan on Jl. Hang Leukir! It’s right next to Prof. Dr. Moestopo Campus, in which is very convenient for all the students and staffs to have meal at Wakuwaku Jakarta without any hustle. The affordable and yummy dishes are ready to be served right before you! Not only they serve good food, they also have board games, power points on every table *for you who wants to eat and chill while doing your work*, jukebox in which you can play your own music and many more!


The variety of food includes all Indonesian Comfort food like Indomie with special sauces or toppings, grilled toast, donburis and many choices of drinks you can pick from the menu! IMG_9258 IMG_9265

I can totally see myself munching on the food and chilling with my friends!

IMG_9242 IMG_9251 IMG_9252

And next, MIDTOWN Jakarta! I have been coming here from now and then, especially when I know that one of my fellas is actually the owner, yep! It’s Mike Lewis and I think you all know how he’s super supportive and keep on promoting his restaurant to the public! I’m not saying that I love this because my friend owns it, but it’s just for the one basic reason we all know, it’s DELICIOUS and what compliments good food the most? GOOD SERVICE!

My boyfriend and his friends are super regular at MIDTOWN Jakarta, they go almost on daily basis to chill and drink coffee while snacking. But not only as a hang out place, you can actually have an incredible dining experience here!


Bread Pudding with Ice Cream and Strawberries

I would love to actually let you guys know that they just launched their new BRUNCH menus! And here are some of the new dishes those I want to share with you!


Philly Cheese Steak with BBQ Sauce Pizza 110k


Death by Chocolate


Dark Mule


Fruit Salad with Mediterranean Yogurt, served with French Toast and Blueberry Jam 70k


Frittata with Beef Brisket 90k


Thin Buckwheat Crepe with Smoked Salmon and Scrambled White-egg 85k


French Toast with Passionfruit Chia Seed Pudding 50k


Mackerel Fillet with Chimicurri Sauce 95k

Do you feel like having them now? What are you waiting for! go go go!, I wanna let you know that MIDTOWN is indeed one of the hippest sport bars in the town, sooooooooooooo book your seat and see you there?

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