when you feel like shit

A Dream, is a wish your heart makes when you fell asleep. At least that’s what Disney is trying to tell us.

I do believe there are variables in life those make you keep on going and live. I know everyone wishes to have a button to pause the entire life until the struggle and storm pass by, I know everyone wishes to have one holy pill that can help us forget those unforgettable sick moments. But life must go on, we must survive for we –human being–, are survivors, playing the games against the earth created by GOD.

When unexpected things happened in your life, one thing that could help is to breathe slowly, inhale and exhale like it’s your last moments and try to shut your mind, be free and wonder the unbelievable and extravagant things, imagine yourself living the spectacular life on stage and people adore plus admire you. Then you shall feel better.

Well it doesn’t always work like a magic, but it worths a try.

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