wings of love

One two one two.. Thumb.. Thumb.. My heart beats.
Those inevitable smile spread wide on my face. Feeling the happiness that has been hiding inside those dark curtain of my heart. The frozen sentiment and emotion might start to warm up, warping from those cold and hard solicitude into something pleasant. But then again, I know that nothing comes good in something instant, so i might take some turns before making this exhilarating decision. I hope that I don’t encounter the wrong guy. I hope that this moment onwards, my life would be brighter, no more doubts, no more hurt and painful actions, no more faking and no more lying. I had enough with those shameless faces, pity feelings, unrighteous love and all. 
People have always been judgmental, no matter how sincere their words are, how reliable their gesture is, they somehow turn your back on you at some point. And believe it or not, they are the ones who you thought would stand by you until no matter what. But then again, there will be always something you can learn from those moments, those incidents. Believe me, all the hurt and pain will be paid off, soon enough i know you will find something worth more than your anger and sadness. You will soon realise, those tears and screams you have been holding your entire life will turn into gold. I am not proud of myself regarding how I handle all my obstacles and problems, how I really become someone ignorant and cold. I don’t think about people’s feeling before I talk, I feel like hurting those people who tries to get to know me, perhaps like a thorny rose I am. Beautiful from afar, but might hurt you til you bleed.
Now this rose is trying to morph into something else, something better, something amazing and something that could do good to its surrounding. The rose doesn’t have to be water or air, it could be something more, something that is unseemly needed, but actually, you do anyway.
The just want to love and be loved, 
 top and skirt courtesy of Label8store, Heels – Rare.
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