So yes, as the title said, it is 2.31 in the morning, and I am wide awake, being a little bit productive here and there, and I stumble upon my blog again and decided to write some. I am just figuring out what topic I should I share with you guys right now, and while I wait for something to come up inside my warm blanket –because I always have my AC on 16 degree celcius with highest fan power-, I am literally munching on spicy macaroni snack I just got from @macfacjkt!

Now now, let’s talk about something serious here! A lot of people have been asking me, why am I getting skinnier over days and how do I maintain to do so while I shoot a lot of food videos, etc. I believe this is one of the most asked questions in your mind! Then again, I will try to help you answer the questions you have been dying to know! First of all, I don’t eat like that every day!

Well, I do eat more than normal women *i believe that too*, but mukbang videos aren’t just about eating a lot in front of the camera, but having yourself eating in front of the camera is considered a mukbang already, so do your due diligence first before judging me for using the word mukbang! MUK from mukda (먹다) = to eat, BANG from bangsong (방송) = meaning eating show! So please please please understand this.

I know mukbang is popularized by those VJs from afreeca TV or Youtube who eat tons of food on LIVE show, but that is not the true meaning of mukbang, so bear in mind, I keep on repeating this statement so you stop telling me to finish all the food on the table, because sometimes, I just share the rest of the food with my boyfriend or anyone who was there with me!

Back to the topic, yes, I do eat more than other girls, but then again, my work is a lot of fun yet stressful at the same time. Imagine yourself dealing with Instagram, Blog, Youtube and a Restaurant to take care of, not to mention my family, friends and love relationships you have to maintain?

It consumes a lot of energy, especially with youtube where I have to pull an all-nighter most of the time so that I can post my video on time. So I think the stress helps me get rid of the fat, and the fact that I don’t really snack when I edit my Youtube Videos at night sort of help me too, otherwise I’ll be ballooning like crazy.

Next! NO! I don’t exercise so much these days.

WHY? I have severe HNP, in which I am forbidden from doing any exercise that gives me too much pressure on my waist, basically my L4-L5 disc burst out and pinched my nerves severely. It has been going on for 3 years, I believe? And finally soon enough I will have my surgery to get the misplaced shattered disc lasered and getting 2 implants for my spine.

SO how come you stay slim?

Well, despite all the illness and problem that I have, unfortunately, recently I just found out that I am positive Hyperthyroid patient. So basically it is a hormonal illness that could happen if you get too tired all the time, and bigger reason for me is that my family from my dad side has Hyperthyroid history running, so it’s not a shock for them to know that I finally got it too.

Basically, Hyperthyroid makes your metabolism faster, resulting in fatigue, constipation, bumpy heart, and weight loss. Though I eat the same amount as before, I, for some reason, keep on losing weight, little by little. Most people would say, “ISN’T THAT GOOD? TO HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO EAT A LOT AND NOT GAIN WEIGHT?”


Why? The other symptoms are so irritable, I can’t be productive, I am tired most of the time, when my heart starts to pump, I have hard time even just to breathe properly, I go to the restroom numerous times a day, so no, it’s not good to be sick, although it feels good when people notice I lose weight, LOL. but NO! It’s better to be healthy and normal just like everyone else!

Anyways, hope this post helps you understand a little more about me and my personal life, until next time~

*i’m trying to write more for you guys, don’t worry!*

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