There IS this moment. There WAS this moment. There WILL be this moment.

A moment where my heart beats loudly, in a very fast paced rhythm.

And as for today, as rare as it seems, I will talk about feelings, love and my attraction towards guys. I’ve always been that girl who has a lot of guy friends or guys, but no sign of boyfriends. My longest relationship was 7 months old, with someone younger than me, other than that, my relationships were on and off.

Now, I’m turning 24, I can actually feel the pressure and the judgment, not from anyone else but from myself. No matter how cool or strong I may have seemed like, but I am weak and fragile inside. There are so many things I’ve been through that I can’t really tell everyone, but I’ve grown and CHANGED into some I would never have recognised anymore.

All the struggles, events and shits have shaped me into someone I am right now. I’m not sure, should I be grateful or not, but for now, I’m happy with I am right now, though the loneliness keeps on striking me to the core of my heart but I think I will be fine?

FUCK YOU IGNORANT NASTY GUYS! Girls worth more than your penis.

trust me, girls fake em 90% so, don’t think that you’re that almighty, don’t think that you’re that good cuz u’re just not! Girls can make emself feel better better than you guys do. *ending love and victory flags to girls around the world*

FOR ME PENISES ARE: sticks on your body you wish could make someone feel good!

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