A jewelry is for everyone

From time to time we have these bunch of people saying, “Girls’ bestfriend is diamond”, but I gotta tell you that we all love diamonds, guys and girls, we all do! But to be exact, we love jewelry, as ORORI says “A Jewelry is for everyone”, indeed it’s super true!Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

And so a couple of days ago, I got the privilege to attend the grand launching of ORORI.com, the pioneer of Indonesian Online Jewelry that was established in 2004. The focus is to present you high quality wedding ring for their customers, but not only wedding rings, ORORI also has other collections such as engagement ringdiamondsgold bars, jewelry boxgold necklacegold braceletgold earring, etc.


Their vision is to be the number one Online Jewelry Merchant in Indonesia and branch out to South East Asia, therefore ORORI always make the effort to gain the trust and credibility by giving all the customers the safe and easy transaction procedure. That way, people in Indonesia could actually trust and be encouraged to shop jewelry online.

IMG_7981Started off with a couple of offline stores across  Jakarta, now they have stepped up their game as soon as they realised the massive growth of digital online world and how the customers are more engaged to shop online for their efficient and practical value. That’s how on 2012 they closed down the physical stores and focus on building this online jewelry empire!

What are their strength?

First of all, they are the first and the only one in Indonesia but they still hve more than 20,000 items, starting with wedding ring and the rest! One of the best features you could ever imagine is their DESIGN MY OWN feature where you can design your jewelry the way you desire online.

ORORI uses 3D Printer to make the jewelry, so you shouldn’t be worried that it would turn out weird and ugly!


The event was delightful as I meet so many fellow bloggers and influencers in the same room! The event was located at Hermitage Hotel, Menteng and was decorated pleasantly with all the jewelries! You can actually borrow all the beautiful things available on the spot to satisfy your dazzled eyes!

IMG_7996IMG_0368Besides the showcase, we were awed by their mini fashion show showing off their products. All the pretty ladies in black wearing all the jewels and the guys with the proposal ring made me thinking about my future *oopps*, but then again, the show was good and I love the ending where the model actually kneeled down and act-propose the girl model.


In conclusion, I really hope that ORORI can be bigger and better and be numero uno!

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