Do you know that when people who post a QUOTE or write any THOUGHTS, doesn’t make them a person who go through that exact situation? People with shallow mind are easily pleased and full of unintelligent imaginations, they make me left with laughs and tears –pity tears-, how they love to see other people suffer and suffocate, it disgusts me. How could you? Heard it from someone, that SOMEONE I DON’T KNOW wanna dig about me just because I post something on my blog.

My loyal readers must have known my writing style, exaggerating and sentimental. While the real me always shows my very bright and vivacious side, the Michelle in writing is preferably cold and cynical. My blog is my alter ego, and the place where I can land all my anxiety scattered around.

FUN. it is.

I even smirk right now, thinking about your sickening behaviour. How could you actually thought that I was suffering and being neglected? It’s so charming, charmingly stupid.

But I know that I shouldn’t be so gloomy. I’ll show you that I’m actually happy.


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