Well, 2015 was a very special year for me, there I found myself growing so much and my blogging career was going uphill like no one knows! I love the way that 2015 left me with happy face and mind. I want to share about my #2015bestpickthrowback! As you all might know that I am all about the shoes, I would love to showcase 3 best pairs of shoes I got in 2015, they are indeed the everyday shoes I have been wearing these days!

Left to Right : Schutz // Browny (WEGO) // Schutz

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Those three pairs of shoes are still my favourites and I got them all in 2015, I have always been crazy about shoes, and that’s how I got myself these pairs. What’s important for me when I choose my heels is the height! I love them skyscraper tall or some cute wedges, still with a great height.
I got them Schutz heels from offline store, but I got the white wedges from one of the online stores. So far, having myself packed with busy schedules has taken most of my time, I don’t really have much time to shop at offline stores, therefore I am really glad that more online stores are available! I can now enjoy browsing through amazing items from where I stand, anytime and anywhere as long as there is internet connection, LOL.
And as the technology is getting more advance, we have all the privilege and efficient ways to shop! Payment online and get all the discounts on the spot too! Look at Shopee’s CUCI GUDANG SALE for instance, it’s so exciting to actually have them around and sharing the discounts all over the media! WOO HOO! Yes yes, this is one little tip for you guys to get the best deal out of your purchase, make sure you check out their promos always!!
Are you ready to shop in this new year for Shopee Indonesia is having #ShopeeThrowback too! You can actually win Samsung Galaxy A8 and super HUGE discount up to 95% until the end of the month~ Get the application now at Playstore or Apple Store!
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