Bye Bye Tired Eyes

I am one of those who believes that EYES are the window of the world. Through our two little eyes, we are able to see and witness the majestic creation of God, each and every day, that’s why I got to say that we have to take really good care of our eyes. Just like newborn baby, they are fragile. Some people take eyes for granted, well I used to. I had a big problem with my eyes once, they were quite damaged through my recklessness! I used to wear any colored contact lenses without paying extra attention to its type, water content and using eyedrops once in a while.

Little did you know, I actually have packed schedule everyday! As a fashion blogger and influencer, I have to keep my Instagram feed and blog updated with my outfits and good pictures, where for good pictures, we have to take them outdoor most of the time. Then after the photo session, I have to start editing my pictures with my mobile phone or even computer for some time until I have the perfect edited picture, ready to be posted! As a youtuber, I do shoot and edit my videos by myself, ONE MAN SHOW, yes, but for now, that’s why I am comfortable with. But then again, doing everything by myself means that I have to work with my computer for numerous hours for  days, and of course, my eyes got really tired afterwards.

Luckily, now I have found the one Contact Lens Brand that I trust, ACUVUE. Well, to be honest, normally when we wear lenses for a long time period, we tend to get tired and sleepy eyes, for me, I always found myself yawning due to my tired eyers, they got so dry and all. But trust me, the moment I tried ACUVUE, everything change in a glance! A glimpse of hope for me to actually see clearly throughout the entire productive and busy day without having those ugly yawns every several minutes!

I did my research and well, ACUVUE applies Hydraluxe Technology with Revolutionary Tear-Infused Design, Breathable Silicone Hydrogel, and UV Protection! Talking about UV Protection, do you know that Indonesia is the number ONE country with the most Cataract Patients in the entire world? Since we live in tropical climate, we do have a lot of sun and UV ray exposure all the time, causing the Troposphere Layer of our atmosphere to be damaged entirely and causing great harm to people below. That’s why a lot of people’s eyes are suffering for UV Ray exposures. By wearing ACUVUE daily, we actually protect ourselves from those filthy UV rays, who says UV Rays can only damage skin? It’s harmful to eyes too, you know?

For daily user like me, I personally recommend ACUVUE® OASYS® 1-DAY, since it got the amazing Hydraluxe Technology, it is specially designed to minimize Eye-Fatigue, so we can really end our day with comfort! Not to mention that you have the highest UV protection throughout the day! A full day of activities like working with gadgets, cooking, outdoor activities, etc. actually dries out our eyes’ outer layer. And as we all know, dry eyes make us sleepy and get tired easily, BUT, by wearing ACUVUE® OASYS® 1-Day lens, we can actually keep the outer eye layers hydrated, results in comfort and prevent eye fatigue caused by eye strain.

I started wearing ACUVUE® OASYS® 1-DAY for a while now, and I must say I am pleased! I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything, and I can say I got the best eyes condition so far! All my works can be done without me having eye fatigue, so I can say… #ByeByeTiredEyes!




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