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We all know being a woman it’s a tough situation, and as the new era begins, the new generation of women keep on growing stronger and more independent! From girls to parents, we all have our roles in life. For instance, being a working Mom means you have to do all sort of things in one day, one hell long of a list. Taking care of your house, caring about your husband, kids, work and many more! Not to mention when you have them period on! 

When you have too much on your plate, often you would forget to take care about yourself, focusing on you instead of others, especially when you have a family, most of women would put their family on top of themselves, like her own needs doesn’t count, as long as her family is happy she would be fine. Things those are most likely to be forgotten is her own happiness and private cleanliness.

And sometimes that leads us, women into depression and stress. Trying to be perfect, trying to please everyone, and trying to handle and control everything are the things normally women do! Since the era has changed where woman can stand up for themselves, they can work and have a career just like gentlemen do!

I learn something when I went to LACTACYD Herbal event at Tanamera last week. Donita, Lactacyd Ambassador, and a psychologist were there to talk about girl stuffs! Donita as a new mom shared her experience being a mom for the first time, and how she got confused all the time. Starting a new chapter in life is amazing, a blessing everyone love, our own blood and love, but we are human, so it’s very humane of us to be scared, thrilled, stressed and confused. To complete the talk, the psychologist talked us through how we can get pass stress, change and depression.

She taught us something called 4A:

  1. Avoid

                This step is for you to actually try to ignore the problem or the stress itself, maybe by writing them down on a piece of journal and let yourself focus on one thing at a time. That way, you can actually be calm when you try to figure things out and not to let yourself swamped with problems.

  1. Alter

                This step is for you to change something. Maybe you are someone who has a problem with your partner, and for the longest that you can remember, you never really tell your partner about how you feel. Then maybe, you can start talking to him about your feeling, with all the hope that there will be a compromise or maybe you two can work it out together!

  1. Adapt

                The then top two As don’t work anymore, maybe you want to consider adapting to the situation. It is hard and may need a lot of effort put into, but if you really want to solve a hard problem, then you have to try harder.

  1. Accept

                The last thing you can actually do when you face a problem so big that can’t be avoided, altered or adapted to is to actually accept it. Be the smaller guy to conquer the bigger world. This requires forgiveness and love, you can start with yourself and then the rest, because we all know we have things inside us those need forgiveness and love.

Anyways, overall the event was really helpful and inspiring! But then again, moving on to ourselves. Right here I am going to let you know how feminine cleanliness is actually really important, the one thing that is usually forgotten. We do know that we have to take a shower everyday, but what we don’t know is that our miss V needs some attention too!

Since it’s one sensitive body part, we have to take care of it the right way too! Lucky I’ve been using LACTACYD since I was a teenager. The reason why I started using LACTACYD regularly is there was one time where my miss V felt really itchy and uncomfortable, I tries washing them regularly with normal body soap, but it got really dry and the itchiness won’t stop.

I consult with a doctor where she actually told me to use feminine hygiene products those are made specially for V area! That’s when I started using LACTACYD! Simply, it works as a V cleanser that put your miss V pH balance back on, and what’s amazing it contains special ingredients to make ur skin smoother and have nice smell! This new LACTACYD Herbal’s main ingredients are: betel leaf (daun sirih), rose and milk! This amazingly unique combination was clinically tested and proven to successfully help women with its feminine cleanliness!

What I love the most about LACTACYD Herbal is the smell! I don’t know how you guys feel about yourself when you smell good inside out, but I feel like i can rule the world and get whatever I want! Being clean and having soft skin around my V area boost my mood and confidence at the same time, so let’s do it together, girls!

HOW to Use it?

It is recommended to use it twice a day (like when you take a shower), but it is also okay to use more than twice a day when needed. For instance, when you are having your period, your miss V pH level is getting higher, so right after you use LACTACYD, the originally pH balance will be restored. This is how you can actually avoid itchiness, rashes and uncomfortableness around your V area.

Take a reasonable amount of LACTACYD on your palm and massage them slowly around your V area, make sure to leave it up to 30s so that you can experience the best result!

One note, try to apply them from front to back, not the other way around to avoid bacteria coming near your miss V.


Yes! It’s super safe to use before or after marriage. One thing I would really recommend is that for you guys to start taking care of your feminine cleanliness as soon as possible J There’s not a bad thing would happen when you try to be clean and healthy!


Of course! Because it actually helps you to clean your miss V, using LACTACYD regularly when you have your period would really help you to maintain your cleanliness. Maybe you can have their travel sized (60ml) version inside your bag anywhere so you can use it anytime you want! Or if you like to stock them at home, buy their 120ml bottle and you are good for a couple of weeks!


You can find them in almost every chained drug store, Lotte Mart, Carefour, Indomaret, etc, and good news is that they are going to have LACTACYD Herbal in stock at Alfamart this April! So why not buy them right away?

For more information, you are more than welcome to visit their website at!

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