CLOZETTE mobile app

Now I proudly pronounce you, CLOZETTE ID INDONESIA APPLICATION! woo hoo! Finally, it’s even easier for us girls to share and browse about the latest trends, highlights, bazaars and more exciting activities! Simply search at your App store and type, Clozette Indonesia, and VOILA! The application is ready to be used!
Here, you can actually browse with simple click buttons! Super interactive and easy to use!


You can always edit your profile and see your posts so far, not to mention you can also upload your things right away, so you don’t have to make a fuss and go to the computer to do so! Get to know your fellow clozetters better and faster, you can always browse on the spot and find what suits your interest to be inspired!


Get up to date notifications about your profile, and you can see right away who follows and likes your photos! Isn’t that amazing? You can always make comments too, effortlessly of course.


Don’t forget to check out the HIGHLIGHTS section of the application to give you a sense of being updated with the current events and hip trends, join the contests and get the chance to win cool prizes and upload constantly so you can have bigger chance to be Clozetter of the month and be featured at the front page! Thrilled enough?


Join me and the CLOZETTE squad please? And don’t forget to check my profile here!
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