deep affection

i would tingle from your touch.

i would scream yes to your smile.

i would cry for your laugh.

cuz love is in the air.

for me, relationship was such a bullshit, based on the disappointments I got from my previous relationships. not to say that all my past relationship sucked, but some of the really are. Just like when you heard those buzzing bees saying you date your guys just for the money and that i was such a gold digger? guess what guys, i am a gold digger, but the one who digs her own gold and own it! I earn good enough to flatter and pamper myself with good stuffs and food.

then i met this guy, one true amazing guy,

who gets me for who i am

who would never say no to what i ask

who cares for me like i’m the most precious thing in the world.

but maybe, he doesn’t know how much he means to me. how much his glare would give me that butterflies inside the stomach.

how he could make me feel so selfless just to make him happy.

no. he doesn’t feel that yet.

then how? what should i do? every inch of my skin want to touch him and be a unity. i guess, none of the relationship bullshit is easy. i guess, i have to train myself into being a better person.

i do.

i’m sorry.

i love you.


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