I believe some of you know that recently, I just got back from UK for Christmas and New Year Holiday. Yes, UK, London and Scotland! To be honest, UK was really close and I almost bought a ticket to Paris, the city of romance and Love! I will not talk about my last trip again, but bear with me, because I’m going to talk about love today. Love comes in different shape and ways, and for me, every aspects count and everyone deserve to love and be loved unconditionally.

Me and my boyfriend are finally in a very serious relationship, you guys can’t even imagine. If you follow me through the years of bitter relationships those couldn’t last longer than 7 months at most, you must be really surprised how I can stay with him for more than 1.5 years now! And yes! We are going strong, each and everyday! We learn to love each other more with less conditions and limitations, we learn to accept each other the way we are, because, that is how love actually works, and if I decided to share the rest of my life under his arms, then I have to start preparing for that!

Moving on from love, I want to talk a little bit about something that has a connection with Paris, Love and Partner! It’s ENCHANTEUR, an international brand that is available in Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Hongkong and Middle East!

Taking Parisian Elements with beautiful, simple and elegant design, Enchanteur products are available in many forms:

Body Lotion, Eau de Toilette, Roll On, Body Mist, Eau de Cologne (my favorite), Shower Gel, and Talcum! In which, yes, they are all body care products!


Who does’t love a good body smell all day long?

The one that will drags all guys attention to you~

A very moisturizing body lotion, with Aloe Vera and Olive Butter, this body lotion has a very nice finish! not oily at all, me likey!

The shower gel that would makes you sing louder inside the bathroom!

this roll on is actually very good! dries quickly and smells so good! I guarantee this could boost your confidence all day long!

To be honest, I didn’t know that all the products are so good! I think the key to their amazingness is the romantic French Fragrance and elegant packaging! It’s so good and soothing and charms you like a witch!

We all know that the scent from your body can reflect a woman’s personality. Whether she is a romantic and charming or bold and beautiful. Her perfume can truly enhance her. That’s why Enchanteur presents a range of French inspired floral fragrances that are authentic, sophisticated and truly mesmerizing.  Feel free to fall head over heels in love with their products! Before I’m moving on, you can actually have a little look about what they have here: www.enchanteur.id

For me and my boyfriend, we talk about body scents sometimes, how we actually have our own natural scent / pheromone that can attract our partner! My boyfriend always loves me with or without fragrances, this must sound so weird but he loves the smell of my skin throughout the day, he said it reminds him of comfort! But believe it or not, he loves it even more just a moment after I use Enchanteur’s Eau De Cologne in Miracle almost everyday (and by the way, this exclusive fragrance last a very long time!!!!).

He told me “자기야~ 뭔가 달라졌는데?! 자기 몸냄새!!” – “Babe, I think something is different?! Your body scent!”

I was like “잉?? 진짜? 왜왜? 마음에안들어??” – “Huh? Why why? Do you hate it?”

He smirks and laugh a little, “아니~ 진짜 좋은데? 뭐 향수 풀었니?” – “No~ It’s actually really good?? Are you using any perfume?

And that’s how I know I love Enchanteur’s EDC collection, my favorite is Miracle though! It has a very fresh and sweet with a floral and fruity touch, it doesn’t sting your nose and make you dizzy after a long day. And believe it or not, if you know you smell good, you become happier and more confident in a way, meeting new people seems easy and you feel like the people around the world could love you now!

Lucky for us now, Enchanteur can be purchased in big supermarkets like Giant, Transmart and Carrefour! And believe me, you have to try each and every kind of their variants! All the different scents are amazingly good and it’s perfect for an extraordinary woman like you and me, especially the ones who favor romance and a hopeless romantic~ You will find yourself hovering above your imagination and live your fantasy!

Enchanteur Products can be found in Hypermarkets & Supermarkets, like Giant and Transmart. For details of their products, go check www.enchanteur.id and don’t forget to follow them on social media, FB: Enchanteur, instagram @enchanteurid!


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