Another week, another day, I was actually thrilled when I opened my email a couple of weeks ago, an email stating that I was again offered to be one of the bloggers to attend FOREVER21 new outlet grand launching ! It was beyond words, since I have been loving the brand for years now, I just can’t wait to actually witness another magical and proud moment once again!


And so, on 9th of April 2016, it happened. I was with Ayla Dimitri, Ajeng Dewi Svastiari and Felice Huang as their Fashion Influencers of the day,

IMG_0471again, it is such an honour to be paired with the amazing powerful women. As always, FOREVER21 is very generous, on the D-Day, first 300 customers got a goodie bag with IDR100k voucher for each customer, not to mention another 20 vouchers those can be claimed while playing games with the help of our amazing host of the day. Besides that, on 8th-10th April 2016, every purchase will be given FREE tote bag as a bonus.

Believe it or not, people start queuing up from 8AM and the queue never ends!

IMG_0367I was quite amazed, but then again, it’s not a big surprise since FOREVER21 is knowingly famous for their collection. And as for this special period of time, they have this FESTIVAL Collection those are really good and perfect for you who loves to go rave party or go to any music festival. The design is very boho and comfortable, lots of prints, crop tops, shorts, fringes and many more! The colors are very warm and super eye-catchy!


IMG_0450 IMG_0405

As for me, I was wearing head to toe by FOREVER21, A modern touch to my boho look I might say, from the Cropped pattern top, knitted sweater, super comfy pants and heels, not to mention my wedges! THUMBS UP!

IMG_0454     IMG_0443 IMG_0407   IMG_0371  IMG_0394  IMG_0426 IMG_0416

But don’t worry, they still have the other collections! From sports to casual wear!




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