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And so I was invited to Minimal‘s event at Blue Jasmine a couple of days ago as they are preparing to launch Gani loves Minimal collection! As we all know, Ayu Gani is from Jogjakarta and is the winner of the latest Asian Next Top Model! She brought the joy and proud to our country, having said that we, Indonesia also rules the fashion industry! The fact that we are improving a lot in every aspect of fashion essentials kinda awed me a little!
But yes, here it is, the future of Indonesian’s brand that might go global in no time with its rocketing fame and good quality and design!
The day was pretty amazing, the event as always is completed with great canapes from Blue Jasmine, having the little signs emphasizing on the big day for Gani and Minimal collaboration!
 Gani has a very strong and unique look, making her works look amazing and effortlessly radiant! I love their work together, especially the Bohemian collection, in which I would show you later on below! Just wait for it, and be amazed!
 Just like the brand name, Minimal delivers the best in basics with a touch of elegance. The grasp of neat, tidy and elegance are quite strong when you pay more attention into their collections, though they are playing it fun with Gani with the Bohemian Collection.
his voice tho!


Last but not least, it’s me wearing Minimal’s pleated tunic! 🙂 wait for the collection to be launched and ready at your favorite stores on 28th of October peeps!
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