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And here is my sweet Singapore escapade a couple of weeks ago, now I got my chance to share with you guys my lovely experience with The Westin Singapore that is located on 12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2, Singapore! It is just one block away from the hawker’s food centre, Lau Pa Sat, near to Marina Bay Sands for you to find entertainments, and just so amazing!
The unique thing is when you enter the building, the porter will get you to level 32 where the hotel lobby is located! I super love the detail of the lobby, plus there’s one cool bar hotel with super leisure ambience overviewing the ocean. I can sit there all day! The design is very sophisticated and modern,  I super love these red butterflies details on their black wall though!
After the lobby tour, I decided to get straight into the room on 40th floor, I remembered they got it up to level 44! While I was waiting for the room to be ready, I waited at their club lounge where all the executive and suite tenants all can enjoy quick bites with coffee, tea or any other beverages of your choice.
Now that the room was ready, I entered the room and find one beautiful city and ocean view! Plus, I got myself a small treat from the hotel; truffle chocs and cookies inside a tin jar! Not to mention they gave me one cute teddybear doll covered inside bathing suit!
And later that night, me and my mum decided to eat at their amazing restaurant on level 33 called Cook and Brew, and as I was expected, the food was amazingly delicious, one gastronomic experience for my happy tummy!
The menu was really detailed, as in you can actually find which food suits which drink!
Prawn and King Crab Salad
My fave dish for the night: CHICKEN POUTINE!

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