For me, my skin is another crown besides my hair, as you might know, scientifically when people look at someone else, the first thing they would look for is their eyes, because our brain is set to seek eye contacts, and the eyes are located on our face which means the second thing people would observe is our face! And when our skin is glowing and smooth, people would have that good impression on us! Taking care of my skin here ini Jakarta is not an easy job, since we are exposed to lots of bad air and air conditioning those are harmful to our skin. Especially an energetic, aspiring woman who has fully packed schedule and demanding fast-paced lifestyle, all of that can be rough on her skin! For instances, having sleepless nights that stimulates skin problems, hormone-related breakouts that show up every month, skin that becomes severely dry in the office environment, oiliness and visible pores after a long night of celebration, rough skin because of unbalanced nutrition!


Since I was in High School, my aunt once told me that I should start taking care of my skin, since I am naturally born with sensitive and dry skin, I am used to exfoliation and rashes on my face, I couldn’t swim on the ocean, couldn’t be exposed too much to the sun and can’t really do much because it would cause my face irritation. Then, I started to follow my aunt using Shiseido products as daily skin care since she has been using it since she was a teenager too! And after a couple of weeks, I can really feel the difference! My skin has gotten smoother than before and my Ultra Violet tolerance has grown so much until now!

That is why I felt really honoured to actually be invited as one of the speakers and guests on GRAZIA x SHISEIDO event at Kota Kasablanka a couple of weeks ago! They are there to talk about how to take care of our skin, the real ingredients and benefits of Shiseido products and how to apply them to ourselves the right way!


Before I used to use the STS series of Shiseido which was the basic, then it changed its name into Global skin care and now I’m using IBUKI, which is the similar product and series as STS. Shiseido IBUKI is actually really good to hydrate your skin and help you to get rid of your skin problems! They practically build skin resistances by getting the skin cells into optimal condition! It helps us to minimise the pores so we could have smooth, healthy and glowing skin as the result! It’s the perfect solution for enlarged pores, little wrinkles, skin problems and rough skin.

IBUKI Series are consist of:

Gentle Cleanser and Purifying Cleanser

Softening Concentrate

Protective Moisturizer, Refining Moisturizer and Refining Moisturizer Enriched!

IBUKI in Japanese means a kind of inner strength, and the main purpose of this product is that it’s “READY FOR ANYTHING SKIN“, you can now focus on being your best self without worrying about how to have the best skin! The natural ingredients help our skin naturally and safely!

During the event there was also a beauty routine demo, in which the expert from Shiseido was giving us tutorials on how to clean our face and apply the product the right way, she also explained why Shiseido is amazing and worth to try! I also did share a couple of tips to take care of our skin condition such as being prepared to have travel size bottles with Shiseido products filled in and get them inside all our bags, so we would always have them goodness with us all the time!

IMG_9362  IMG_9318 IMG_9319 IMG_9321 IMG_9324 IMG_9328 PSSST: Shiseido also has their make up and hair products besides the skin care 🙂IMG_9352
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